Which One Is Right For You – PhD or EdD?

Sometimes, people wonder whether they need to really attend graduate school or not and at times, they wonder which degree they need to get. Now, there are two types of doctoral degrees that you can get – EdD and a PhD. So, here are some tips to select the right one for you out of these two.

PhD programmes

Students, who are interested in becoming teachers, can later take up PhD programmes. This type of degree is based on research. Unlike EdD, PhD programmes are designed to groom students into researchers. The programme generally attracts those people, who are keen on pursuing a career in academics such as becoming a professor at a college or at a university of repute. There are, however, different career choices available for people. You could choose to do an EdD instead of a PhD.

EdD Programmes

Mostly an EdD is an education focused programme. Those seeking a career in K-12 leadership or those that are interested in a career in executive leadership in government organizations or in not for profit organizations. EdD students do carry out scholarly research just like PhD students do. The EdD programmes are focused on taking existing research and highlighting the issues in the same. This, however, does not imply that the course is designed with K-12 or higher levels in mind.

Advantages of Choosing a PhD

The focus on research is what is the importance of choosing a PhD over an EdD. The ranking of a PhD course is definitely higher than that of an EdD and that is one of the main reasons why it is the most preferred course. EdD may offer you the ability to think critically, but a PhD is comparatively more prestigious. However, you should consider choosing a programme based on your preferences at the end of the day.

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