Tips for a Good Mentor-Mentee Relation

Although our parents are first mentors during our childhood, as days progress we all need a good mentor who has more practical experience and who can guide us in building and growing our career. A mentor helps his mentee by observing, assesses him/her and later improves his skills and abilities. There is no loss or personal gains in this relationship and it should be more constructive. A good mentor can play many roles like guide, coach, adviser, sponsor, supporter and role model also. For any successful relation proper care must be taken and necessary steps needs to be followed. Some of the necessary tips for a good mentor-mentee relationship are:

  • Both the mentor and the mentee must be aware and have a common view of their roles.
  • The communication must be open and transparent. Share your ideas, goals and your future plans with the mentor for a better guidance and support.
  • Define your expectations, roles, responsibilities and review your expectations.
  • Maintain constant contact through any means of communication like email, phone, chatting etc.
  • Be honest and make things clear to each other.
  • Both mentor and mentee must be reliable to each other and must have constant communication.
  • Always stay positive and be optimistic about each other.
  • Develop a plan and establish short and long term goals.
  • A good mentor must be patient, honest, accessible and open minded.
  • Mentees must be well organized, be proactive, appreciate and respect their mentors.

 Tips for a Good Mentor-Mentee Relation

With a successful mentoring mentees learn and grow and become stronger and influential. All mentoring relations must have good communication along with trust, confidence and patience to become successful. Any success requires time and is also same with the mentor-mentee relation.

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