The importance of letters of recommendation for PhD enrolment

Getting into a PhD program is tough. There is intense competition since the number of candidates is many and the number of seats is few. It therefore becomes important for every candidate to put his best foot forward and make sure that his qualifications shine when his application is reviewed by the university. Every university wants only the best students, so the applicants have to make sure that they prove themselves to be worthy of that level. In this regard a letter of recommendation can go a long way in helping the cause of the student and his application to the university’s PhD program. Here are the reasons why this letter is so important.

  • When previous teachers write a letter of recommendation for the students, it is an affirmation that they have great faith in the abilities of the students and they trust them to do well in their future academic aspirations.
  • It tells that the university board that the students have done well in their previous academic endeavours and those who were responsible for teaching them were impressed sufficiently enough to write such glowing words about the students.
  • The letters of recommendation are normally only written by those who have a good standing in the field, and whose name goes a long way in academic circles. The fact that a person of repute recognizes the students and has good words to say about them is often a tick mark for many universities and it tells them that the students they are enrolling in their PhD program is strong and responsible academically.

One of the points the points to remember is that only letters of recommendation from reputed academicians is of any value. Letters from small time teachers will not mean anything. Universities are always looking for the best, and this goes for the letters of recommendation offered to students as well.

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