Psychological View on Philosophy- A Doctorates Touch

Democritus, a Greek philosopher declared that understanding the world is the only rational approach to live in a state of happiness. This truly expresses the authentic philosophy of psychology.

Psychology has led mankind into a new dimension of progress. It has helped us understand and resolve our global issues of health. Clinical psychology has provided us with practical solutions for pressing issues like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity and more.

On the other hand, philosophy serves the inner world of mankind as they live through their individual, insights, crises and awakenings. Philosophy is about understanding more than what we really are as humans. It is about connecting with something more magnificent than our mortal selves. Philosophy creates an urge within us to embrace the mystery that surrounds us. Philosophy is the knowledge that is inaccessible to the logical mind, which can only be comprehended through contemplation and helps mankind union with the divine in such an extraordinary way.

Nature is stunning in its complexity; from atoms to cells to butterflies to stars. All natural forms are built on the interactions among its basic material constituents and the forces that unite them and destroy them. However, we know precious little. Our knowledge is limited, and the scale of our global problems is too massive to be solved by psychology alone. Thus, we need an integrated approach of philosophy and psychology.

Psychology begins with contemplation, the mysterious though process. Philosophy makes arguments about what people think, why they think, why they behave and interact in the way they do. Surprisingly, all of the previous questions also fall in the domain of psychology. Thus, consciousness needs the structure of the scientific method as is evident in psychology. And, the study of psychology heavily draws on the wisdom of individual consciousness or precisely philosophy to deal with global problems.

Quite presumably psychology has its origins in philosophy. Psychology is built on the scientific method, whereas, philosophy relies on an empirical method. Yet, philosophy and psychology addresses the same questions. Although they differ in their approach, each always illuminates the other. According to dualism, mind and body are two separate things. And really dualism is built on the premise, how a thing so physical is controlled by something that has no physical manifestation. This is where philosophy plays a significant role as it strives to explain things that psychology cannot explain.

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