Journal or Conference: Deciding on where to publish your research paper

The decision to publish your research paper in a journal or conference can be tricky one. Both have their own sets of benefits. If you are confused, this blog will give you insights about the benefits associated with publishing in a journal and conference. Read the blog and make your decision correctly!

Let us now discuss the publishing benefits in a journal

  • Your journal may get assigned a permanent ‘home’ or permanent ‘DOI’ in the library collections and on the web.
  • Your journal may get indexed by Scopus or Science to ensure that it is easily discovered and your citations get counted.
  • Your journal may get thoroughly peer reviewed, which may significantly help in improving the paper.
  • Your journal may get widely cited
  • You may get a more meaningful line to write on your CV.

Even though publishing in a journal holds varied benefits; this does not mean that publishing your researching paper via conferences is not a good idea. Consider some of the benefits of publishing via conferences.

  • Attending conferences is a significant way of learning about the current works of other groups, building connections within your field and meeting people who may be interested in your findings or who wish to work with you in the future. Meeting new people can be fun too and they can give you some special aspects or information about your paper.
  • You can even use conference papers as a method for getting publicity for your already published journal papers.
  • Some conferences are directly connected with scholarly societies and their journals. For this reason, conference papers are typically regarded as drafts of potential journal papers. Thus, the authors of popular conference papers may get invited for submitting extended versions to a journal.
  • Conference papers are a vital way of getting early publicity or feedback for your current research paper, which you may be working on.
  • In many of the fields, the conference papers are easier to get accepted for publication as compared to research papers in popular journals.
  • In conference, the publication process is typically faster, which can be good aspect for fields that are fast-moving.

So, now when you know the advantages of publishing in a journal and conference, you can decide for yourself which is a better option for you. Make your choice wisely and pave path for the popularity of your research paper!

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