How to obtain a psy.D degree: its comparison with Phd.

What is the importance of Psy.D?

If one passes a Psy.D. In clinical or counseling psychology, then by passing the required licensing exams, he/she can diagnose and take upon mental disorders which include conducting psychological tests, administering evaluations, and providing psychotherapy services.

There is an extensive range of careers which includes mental health clinics, hospitals, government offices and schools, for individuals with a Psy.D. There are some professionals who like to choose to open their own psychotherapy practices, or they can work as counselor for private corporations after obtaining Psy.D.

Earning a Psy.D.

The study of Psy.D includes understanding the science of the mind and behavior to treat and diagnose mental illnesses training psychologists that way.

It takes approximately four to seven years for most Psy.D. programs to complete. In this duration students learn and practice a broad range of topics which includes clinical interventions, psychological assessment, and diagnosis.

The American Psychological Association provides both Psy.D. and Ph.D. programs. It doesn’t matter the type of program you are considering, but you definitely make sure to see for the program is APA accredited. There are number of state licensing boards require candidate to have completed their degree and supervise internship at an APA accredited institution.

PhD Vs PsyD

The similarities between a Ph.D. and Psy.D.

  1. Both programs complete between four to seven years.

  1. Both programs necessitate an internship.

  1. Almost every Ph.D. and Psy.D. program entail a doctoral dissertation.

The Differences between a Ph.D. and Psy.D.

  1. The degree of Psy.D. focus more on professional practice and clinical work, whereas the degree of Ph.D. is normally more research oriented

  1. It require more time for Psy.D. students; learning to administer psychological tests than that of Ph.D. students do.

  1. The study of Ph.D. also practiced graduates to work in teaching and research area whereas, Psy.D. graduate can teach at the university level or work as clinicians.

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