Challenges of a PhD

Ph.D. is a very long academic commitment and it is not easy. Here are our tips on how to manage the challenges and thriving as a Ph.D. student.

Owning your time

Strong time management is one of the key points in your Ph.D. Given the length and rigor of Ph.D. program it is often easy to procrastinate. You should be disciplined enough with your time to get work out to supervisors, giving them enough time for critiquing your work such as experimental data. ‘Sending large amount of work to supervisors is a common pitfall. The Short and regular submissions are much more productive. As you treat your Ph.D. as a full time job don’t forget to take breaks. Short leisure time can do wonders for your health and success.


Another key factor is managing your relationship with your supervisor. If your research is interdisciplinary and you have two dominant supervisors then it is critical for you to sustain a product relationship with both the advisors. In case your mentoring is retiring or absent due to other research commitments make sure to allocate some time with your mentor to discuss the progress of your thesis.

Build motivation

Given the intellectual demand of your Ph.D. work, it is possible to experience blues. Once the initial excitement of being a Doctoral student has died down, you may experience a lack of motivation or confidence. To manage such challenges be optimistic about your life and Ph.D. career. Form a peer group with other Ph.D. or post docs to get strong support and encouragement. This is a perfect way to alleviate any lack of motivation by pursuing varied, interesting and rewarding tasks. Also, it is very important to have realistic expectations especially in term s of what you can accomplish in your Ph.D. and what you must learn to let go.

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